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August 29, 2017

Triple P Automatic Scoring and Reporting Application

Triple P identified a need to improve and enhance their web based Automatic
Scoring and Reporting Application (ASRA) application through The following requirements were outlined:
Add Tip sheet module so that practioners can access PDF files online with able to save a copy locally Modify survey creation and optimise Enhance and develop reporting functionality Secure login area for practitioners, families and students Modify seminar attendee and organization Preview of all management tags for the agents.
Translate the whole application in Japanese language

The Solution:
The Triple P ASRA is custom-designed to help you.

  • Quickly calculate and print out a family’s results against clinical cut-offs
  • Evaluate program effectiveness
  • Compare pre- and post- intervention results
  • Executive reporting function with multiple filters
  • Modify the collection of data to meet local needs and circumstances
  • Analyse and compare case management statistics (completion times, numbers of cases, referrals)
  • Compare outcomes by practitioner, district, level of Triple P, or client demographics
  • Easily report on effectiveness to funding bodies or senior policy makers in summary documents
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