ACE Materials Handling

Project description: ACE Materials Handling has been providing Material handling Equipment, service and support to businesses in various industries over 25 years.

The Brief: The main objective of the project was to handle the major mechanical services which were designed for all the lifting equipment including cranes, hoists, trolleys, rails and access ladders. This system will provides you the following features:

  • This System allows you to manage all the routine and third party inspections which are required for the service items
  • Helps in Timesheet management
  • Keep record of all the technician's licenses and qualifications
  • Keeps track of Fit for work Employee self-assessment checklist
  • CSV template to upload data in bulk for service items and customers
  • Proper login-based authentication for Admin login and technician login
  • Appropriate search where applicable to find records easily
  • Dashboard reporting and monthly Inspection summary

The Solution: Designed and developed a fully integrated front-end backend system with reporting. We worked closely with The ACE Materials Handling Team to design and develop a system streamlining all the processes. The user experience has been well thought-out, simplifying navigation on the mobile app through the different areas of the system to manage inspections and service Items.

ACE Materials Handling