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Wild Breads

Project description: Using age-old bread recipes and only the finest ingredients, our team of passionate bakers create European-style artisan breads and seasonal baked goods for every occasion. The following are the features of our Wild Breads app:

  • Wild Breads operates a world-class baking facility committed to excellence in baking with exceptional hygiene and food safety standards. We deliver high quality and consistency across our entire range of specialty bread products and this app allows you to make an order with Wild Breads.
  • Wild Breads app provides you numerous products of different version on their product catalogue which will be shown as: sliced, inch sliced, naked, and bagged (number of pieces per), etc.
  • Template is the best way to generate an order which you know you will need to repeat.
  • New modification to the quantities could be done in templates and submit template for a new date order.
  • You can view the cut-off time also to place an order.

Technologies Deployed: Android and IOS

Wild Breads
Android and IOS