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DSS Data

Exchange has changed now known as the Data Exchange. You are reading this because you are impacted due to Australian Government's healthcare reforms, changes are being made to the structure of the Department of Social Services (DSS), including the introduction of a Data Exchange (DEX).
The DSS Data Exchange provides a standardised, prioritised and collaborative reporting process for service providers streamlining the data entry process.As part of these reform he DEX has a mandatory set of data entry requirements, including birth date, gender and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status etc. plus uploading data for reporting requirements. The data uploaded can generate more relevant and meaningful reports from the Department.

The DEX provides two methods of data upload:

  1. Manual data entry which is time consuming for providers
  2. Bulk upload via XML – efficient way to upload data and effective

XML bulk upload where CMTech comes in – we have worked with community base organisation to upload their data using XML and help them streamlined their systems. Using XML we upload your client's data into the DSS DEX, saving your valuable time and money.

Get in touch with us today on 0402 640 920 or 07 3272 7155 If you need any assistance in uploading your client's data to DSS DEX System we are here to help you.

DSS DEX data management and upload support in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin etc. Call us today for All You Need To Know about the DSS Data Exchange.

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