Advantages of Using Smartphone & Tablet Applications for Data Collection

The advantages of smartphones and tablets are manifold.  Their usage have opened new avenues of development and has transformed the entire IT market today. Smartphone and tablet technology today has made business operations easy.  The present age of globalisation definitely would have suffered without the usage of smartphone and tablet technology.

Smartphone and Tablet applications are effectively used in data collection and in making various surveys.  This new approach has strengthened the entire process and has made the process a hassle free one.  The current application being run on Android does not require any internet connection while conducting the survey. The data can be temporarily saved on the device.  In fact with smartphone application you can collect data easily and then transmit the same electronically. Unlike paper-pen data storage, electronically stored data are more secure and do not run the threat of data loss easily. The process is not only faster but also cost effective in terms of data storage and transmission.  Additionally it also minimises the error of duplication which are quite common in pen-paper analysis.  This helps to complete more surveys within a limited time span. It is in fact the reduced duplication of errors that helps to save on cost and optimise your budget. Moreover data recorded through smartphone and tablet can be easily transferred to any other device.

The data collected through modern technology like smartphone application are more reliable as compared to the traditional pen and paper methods and improves data integrity. Since these data are more reliable and readily available, any audit coming up in the near future can be better handled. In fact, in many countries the surveillance departments have already upgraded their data collection tools with smartphone and tablet application. This has definitely streamlined data transmission methodology and also reduced reporting errors. The touch screen facility of smart phones and tablets facilitate data entry through a single touch for multiple choice questions. Tablet usage in fact cuts down costs up to 74%.

Advantages of Using Smart phones and Tablet for Data Collection

  • Cutting down cost.
  • Reduced errors.
  • Duplication of mistakes easily spotted.
  • More accurate results.

Thus if we compare any other traditional data collection methodology with smartphone and tablet technology, the latter comes out to be the winner.  Connected devices can transmit survey data in real time basis whereas offline devices are beneficial in storing data and once they are reconnected to internet, data can be transmitted accordingly. In both ways this advanced technology is beneficial and way faster. In fact these reasons have inspired many leading companies to adopt smartphone and tablet based data collection methods. Many marketers, educators and researchers are already using these options to collect and analyse data. In case if you are still lagging behind in getting started with these advanced technologies and make your business operations easier and faster, please get in touch with us through our contact us section. Moreover smart phones and tablets have become affordable today and can be easily operated without undergoing any specific training. Thus the gains are many and investment is minimal in terms of cost and time.

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