Make iPhone Apps your Revenue Generator

The iPhone app store platform sports a monthly sales figure of more than $200 million, and Apple has been known to receive almost 10,000 new app submissions every week. This makes iPhone apps a competitive and crowded segment with very low tolerance for substandard apps. If you have a great idea for an app, it by no means constitutes a guarantee of success. A lot of toil and hard work goes into making money successfully with an iPhone app. However, what's surprisingly unknown to many developers is that much of this hard work needs to be done post the iPhone app programming and testing phase. Post the development, two key stages make up the release process –

  1. Getting app approved
  2. Promoting the app post release

There are many facets to making a name and a fortune in this business, and they all merit careful consideration and planning. Having completed several iPhone app programming projects successfully in the recent past, CMTech brings its collective experience and provides some ways in which you can tremendously boost your chances of making money from an iPhone app –

Getting your App Approved

Apple has in place a strict set of standards, and apps that do not meet these norms are usually not allowed through. This is the first hurdle that many developers do not anticipate in the development and testing stage. If your app centers on a smart and fresh idea, and can provide value to users, it is more likely to be approved. This in turn, reduces time to market, brings down repeat iterations costs, and keeps your app a profitable venture.


Once your app is featured in iTunes, it is the start of the rigorous process of promoting it to facilitate downloads and sales. Towards this end, getting featured in one of Apple's top apps list can go a long way in improving its visibility. This is turn, can be accomplished by providing users with a rich UI/UX experience. Presence of bugs, delay in loading, frequent hanging and unappealing design are some factors that can put a dent to your app's success.

Flaunting your Plus Points

To facilitate sales and enter the hallowed space of top apps, you need to rally around everything that is good about your app. Here are some tips –

    • Ensure that you generate enough buzz and curiosity through a website or on social media prior to the launch.
    • Whether you choose to take care of marketing yourself or hire professionals, ensure that your marketing efforts are being channeled properly and reaching the right set of people.
    • Promote the app as an organic extension for your business, by naturally extending your service/product offerings on to the mobile user space.
    • Seek out non-competing companies that you could involve in a productive mutual business relationship for cross-app promotion drives and tie-ins.
    • Make sure you have a scalable and versatile infrastructure in place that allows for growth and branching out in future.

Got any other ideas that can help make money off an iPhone app? Do write in with your comments and let us know.

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