Productivity with Apple Watch – An Unbiased Perspective

Apple has claimed the Apple Watch to be its most personal product ever yet. It is massively invested in the worldwide propagation of the Apple Watch as a must have smartwatch to help bolster your productivity.  Some like Christian Gaiser (CEO of coupon app Retale) go all the way to proclaim the smartwatch as a "game changer". However there are others who are taking the cautious approach when it comes to adopting this smartwatch. What we would be interested in whether all the intense and dynamic activity around the smartwatch is justified when it comes to enhancing productivity? Let's take an unbiased look at both sides of the coin –

  1. How it will bolster productivity?
    1. Time tracking – The biggest productivity booster comes with the blending of traditional time keeping with modern technology and bringing in various elements within its purview. One instance is OfficeTime that helps in boosting productivity by porting various advantages of its app (accurate and simplified time keeping, billable hours, team time tracking and expense keeping) to the smartwatch. So at the end of the week or month, you need not worry about how your time was spent in various activities, when you get a comprehensive view of the same from the app.

    2. To-do lists management –Todoist is one app that aims to simplify and extract much more productivity by integrating its app functionalities with the WatchKit SDK. So, core functionalities such as creating new list or marking an existing one complete, will be possible through the smartwatch.

    3. Shopping – For those who spend hours locating a retail supermarket, the smartwatch can make things easier. For instance, Retale, the location-based deals app will notify wearers when they walk past Kohl's or Target chain of stores.

  2. Will productivity really be impacted?
    1. Driving distraction – Many feel the smartwatch will be a dangerous accessory for a driver. Regularly looking up alerts and notifications from the watch will entail taking the driver's eyes off the road. This is bound to lead to disaster when driving. This fact has been supported by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

    2. UI Challenge – A significant challenge is inducing productivity is the small screen size and the concern of smooth navigation and consistency in look and feel for an app. Point#1b is the precise outcome of this challenge, where Todoistdevelopers have steered away from overstuffing features on the small screen and concentrated only on the core functionalities.

    3. Overuse of alerts – With alerts being one of the mainstay features of the watch, apps and device configuration need to ensure that they don't go overboard. This concern is aptly summed up by InMarket's Dave Heinzinger when he says that the impact of the watch will be diluted if retail shoppers are inundated with aggressive alerts.

Digital marketing firm Acquity Group expects a 45% adoption rate of the smartwatch in the near future. However, this figure is very optimistic in our view. We corroborate with the current trend for marketers and app developers, where they continue to gauge the users' reactions to the smartwatch. They can then base their future actions on these usage signals.

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