3 Grave Mistakes of PHP Development

PHP is arguably the most used web programming language in use today. It is popular because it has simple syntax and has a well-built library of. It also has an active development cycle and has grown to be a stable programming language preferred by most web programmers.

PHP is powerful – it can be constructive and destructive. PHP knowledge well utilized results in some of the most robust websites on the internet. However, if you ignore it syntax or are not stringent the resulting website can have a lot of loopholes. Hackers just love such loopholes and will use them to damage your website or steal data. Below are three common mistakes that PHP programmers commit:

  1. Allowing HTML entities

    PHP is used with HTML form elements to capture user inputs. Using form inputs a malicious person can input HTML code that can deface or expose hidden data. Novice programmers fail to validate form inputs against HTML entities.

  2. SQL Injections

    PHP can be used to query SQL databases – store to, alter, delete or manipulate data stored in databases. However, if a PHP programmer is not careful he might be opening up the databases to hackers. Hackers can gain access to the databases by simply running SQL code along URLs or in form inputs. For instance, a hacker may enter SQL code on a text input that can wipe out the entire database.

  3. Not Commenting

    As with any programming task commenting is essential. Without comments within the code and documentation it can be daunting to edit PHP code. This makes it hard to debug a website especially if it is several pages – thousand lines of code. As a general rule any prudent PHP programmer should place comments that explain the code. This gives the code readability – useful when there is a team of programmers working on the project or you need to edit code written by a different programmer.

These three mistakes can expose your website to hacking and other security loopholes. When looking for a web development firm be sure to go for a reputable one with qualified PHP programmers. If you are located in or around Brisbane, Australia then look no further than CMTech – http://www.cmtech.com.au/.

Cmtech web programmers are strict and follow proper coding standards. Their work flow including best coding practices – that eliminate the possibility of the above mistakes occurring. For a successful PHP development project they are your best option.

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