The advantages and disadvantages of custom software development

In many cases, companies need software that goes far beyond the most widespread programs and applications in the market. There are many tools for specific objectives that do not always fulfil the functions that a particular business needs. To solve this problem, there is custom software. What does it consist of? It is nothing more than a type of software developed specifically for a client and with a set of objectives. Large companies often use it very often, and even public administrations. But what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of Custom Software Development

  1. It has been designed specifically for specific business needs. It can be adapted through customised software programming to adapt to the operational needs of an organisation.
  2. Custom software for business is created to have a simple interface with other software, thus providing a fully integrated system to the IT infrastructure of the commercial entity.
  3. Custom software is developed by using the latest updated technology. The system is developed specifically to meet the client's business requirements. Any dissatisfaction or difficulty of the client that appears during the development process can be improved. Everything is done with the client's permission. It is surely the most important benefit of custom software development.
  4. It is easier and more intuitive to use and does not contain unnecessary installations.
  5. One of the most important aspects is its flexibility compared to software packages. Custom software can be changed and modified over time according to changes in business requirements.
  6. Good software development services add value to a company, suggesting useful alternatives and acting as a useful source of advice and information.
  7. Expandable and connectable to different web services, SDK and other external applications to expand information, data, updates, calls to other systems, among others.
  8. A great benefit that is obtained with personalised business applications is an efficient and reliable technical support plan. You have full access to the technical support team that participated in the development process of your application, so all the problems you can find are solved in an efficient way.
  9. Personalized workflow, specific departments, concrete limitations and endless possibilities.

Disadvantages of Custom Software Development

  1. For the needs of large companies, the cost of customised development can be greater than packaged software
  2. If you do not program under certain standards and you do not carry out adequate tests of the software, these can present frequent errors.
  3. It requires a post-implementation follow-up that can last several weeks (Depending on the size of the Software).
  4. If you do not have clear needs or an adequate information gathering or validation of requirements, you may end up with cost overruns to solve these problems.

Although there are some drawbacks, custom software is a very economical option compared to readymade software, as it can be developed on an increasingly smaller scale. The development of well-tailored software usually has greater advantages than disadvantages will depend a lot on the knowledge of the team about the business and/or the provider that will carry out the development. Therefore, profitable software development can be benefited by small businesses, charities and even individuals.

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